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I do love being vegan this Sunday July 3, 2011

Posted by Wahyu Kresna El Haydar in : curcols , trackback

Pretty nice little Sunday. The weather in the city was amazing this weekend, especially for an early July day, although I’m freezing along the day >_<. Started out nice chit-chat at Lotek Uswatun until 11:00 with Wi -this is our weekly activities- oohh.. what a nice mourning. 😀

then, in the afternoon we -fjr, fir, dam- decided to going to Warung Soma Yoga -a kind of Vegan resto- in Babarsari, and The day finished up at the Kalimilk with Super Size of Milk, snack, and laugh like a drain.

I’ll have the warm memories of this great Sunday close at hand. I do love being vegan this Sunday




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